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Gutter Guards, Covers, and Screens

Gutters and downspouts are important components of every home. They  serve to maintain efficient water flow and drainage off your roof and away from your home. In order to function properly, gutters require regular maintenance to keep them from clogging. What happens if they do become clogged? Clogged, overflowing gutters can cause serious problems such as erosion around your home, water damage to your foundation, rotting fascia, costly roof damage, and more. Protect your largest investment, protect your home!

The solution is simple. Protect your home and save yourself from the hassle and danger of cleaning your gutters regularly by investing in gutter guards. Gutter guards allow only rain to enter the gutters. Leaves and debris are carried away by the wind so you will never have to clean your gutters again.

Leaf proof_edited.png

LEAFPROOF™ Gutter Protection System

The LEAFPROOF™ Gutters Protection System encloses your gutter system eliminating the messy hassle and danger associated with cleaning your gutters. LEAFPROOF™ is the only gutter protection system that is not screwed into your roof. LEAFPROOF™ has the lowest profile on the market today making it virtually invisible, therefore not detracting from your home's curb appeal. LEAFPROOF™ comes in 11 colors and copper to match virtually any gutter or roof color. Factory pre-set 1/4" water channel can handle up to 12 inches of rain per hour but is small enough to keep out leaves, debris, pine needles, and birds and animals too. The patented, S-curve design on LEAFPROOF™ slows and spreads the water. The patented nose-forward design allows a homeowner to maintain the system from the ground using a garden hose.

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The Gutter Shingle Gutter Cover

The Gutter Shingle design has combined the solid cover concept with the conventional design of a mesh gutter guard. The Gutter Shingle will handle any amount of rainfall while keeping leaves, pine needles, twigs and other small debris out of the gutter. The low profile design along with the textured paint blend The Gutter Shingle in with the roof shingles..

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The WaterFall® Gutter Guard System

Superior Engineering That Allows Water To Flow Into Your Gutters While Keeping Debris Out. Now there is a better way to maintain efficient water flow and drainage without all the work or maintenance expense - The WaterFall® Gutter Guard System, a patented, scientifically engineered system with a unique design that keeps gutters clear while moving water off your roof and away from your home. A revolutionary alternative to conventional gutter screens and domes. It's the Waterfall® Gutter Guard System, and its secret is the scientific principle of liquid adhesion. As water flows over the downward steps of The Waterfall®, it adheres to the product because of the molecular attraction between the surface of The Waterfall® and the surface of the water. The water is carried down into The WaterFall's channels, then through its drain into your gutter. At the same time leaves, needles, seedlings and other debris fall over the downward steps to the ground below. The Waterfall® System is designed to slide under any shingled roof surface and adjust to any pitch of roof or gutter.

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Drop-In Gutter Guard

Drop-in gutter guard comes in 4 foot sections with a continuous reinforced edge that clips on to the front bead of the gutter. Back edge of gutter screen simply slides under shingles and is virtually undetectable from the ground.  Comes in 5x48 and 6x48 inch sizes.

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